Ramble On

On the train, heading to Venice…
It’s only those of us who work in the wine biz who know how much we move around. For those folks on the outside, we lead a glamorous life of gala dinners and endless tastings of the world’s finest wines…
I’ll admit, I like to travel, and any time away from the desk is welcome. But even the most ardent lover of travel will grow weary of the constant movement.
In the last month I’ve been to Rome, Monza, Bologna, Parma, Belluno, and Belgrade. All by car, except Rome. I think I’m forgetting one or two as well.
I’d love to be able to say I’ve been able to really enjoy the atmosphere of all these great places, but apart from an extra evening in Belgrade, work has been the sole focus. And at the end of the day, I look forward to going home.
Nonetheless, I love my job. I love turning people on to Basti wines. I love seeing that “tough” client’s eyes when the wine hits and he realizes how good it is.
Today it’s Venice, a city I know and love. I look forward to carrying my wine bag through it’s calle and vicoli, looking for the next happy customer…
So I keep on ramblin’…

Ramble On


2 thoughts on “Ramble On

  1. Matt

    You reckon that’s a lot of travelling, I’ve got a 24 hour flight next week just to get to see you! Looking forward to a glass of friulano around the fogolar!


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