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London: BIBENDUM Annual Tasting

This past Wednesday I had the pleasure of pouring the Bastianich wines at our UK importer’s annual tasting.
We have been working with Bibendum for about three years and I am always impressed with their organization and professionalism.
They are really great at gathering data and understanding their markets and consumers.

As you can see the event was well attended. Lots of folks came by to taste the wines. By far most popular were the Vigne Orsone Sauvignon (I had a special tank sample of the 2012!) and if course the Vespa Bianco.
Finally, good friend and wine blogger Brett Jones was nice enough to interview me at the table about the differences between white and red winemaking.
Check out the link here to hear Brett and I! Go to the audio!


Snowy Day in Friuli

We had our first significant snowfall last night here in Friuli. Lovely to look at, but tough for driving…

Some chunks of ponca under snow…

The terraces behind the winery…

We got about 5 or 6 cm (3 inches) but its slushy and slippery now… Windy too… Best to stay inside and warm up with a glass of Calabrone!

Meregalli Convention – Monza

Today we are attending the Annual Sales Meeting for our Italian Distributor, Meregalli.
Joining us this year is our lovely and indispensable Giulia. Normally she handles all of the shipping and logistics (and piles of legendary Italian paperwork), but she’s also a huge help at events and tastings.
Giulia is lucky enough to be a native if Cormons, one of Friuli’s best wine towns, so she knows her Friul vino. In the two and a half years she’s worked with us, she’s become an extremely important part of our team…
Grazie Giulia!

Meregalli Convention - Monza

Merano Wine Festival

The Merano Wine Festival started yesterday, and carries through till Monday. We’re proud to be here because it’s one of the few(if not only) festivals where you have to be chosen to participate.
Our Sauvignon and the mighty Calabrone 2006 were selected. As you can see from the photos, it’s a very popular event for wine lovers and professionals alike. Not only have we made some great contacts for the winery, but I also got to see Sergio Esposito, my old boss from Italian Wine Merchants, Brian Larky from Dalla Terra, and Carl Studer, our importer for La Mozza in Switzerland.
I could go on with names of winemakers, too…
I managed to taste some nice bubbly before the room got impossibly crowded, waking my palate first thing in the morning.
More to come…

Merano Wine Festival

Merano Wine Festival

European Wine Bloggers Conference 2010

Today was the first day of the EWBC in Vienna. Plenty of great Austrian wines to taste (Roter Haus Gemischter Satz!) but also tons of compelling and interesting things about marketing and social media.
The whole gist seems to be this idea of honest, individual content. Originality, and finding your own voice. Thinking about the blogs I like to read, I have to agree.
Seems a company called Media140 is running most of the nuts and bolts seminar content. Seminars are quick and not taxing for the ADD-affected (like me). Quick, digestible chunks of dense information…
I’m excited to see what I can bring back to Friuli for The Buzz.
In the photo, Willi Klinger leads a technical tasting where the AUDIENCE decided which wine would be chosen to be imported to the UK by Naked Wines. Great tasting!

European Wine Bloggers Conference 2010

Ramble On

On the train, heading to Venice…
It’s only those of us who work in the wine biz who know how much we move around. For those folks on the outside, we lead a glamorous life of gala dinners and endless tastings of the world’s finest wines…
I’ll admit, I like to travel, and any time away from the desk is welcome. But even the most ardent lover of travel will grow weary of the constant movement.
In the last month I’ve been to Rome, Monza, Bologna, Parma, Belluno, and Belgrade. All by car, except Rome. I think I’m forgetting one or two as well.
I’d love to be able to say I’ve been able to really enjoy the atmosphere of all these great places, but apart from an extra evening in Belgrade, work has been the sole focus. And at the end of the day, I look forward to going home.
Nonetheless, I love my job. I love turning people on to Basti wines. I love seeing that “tough” client’s eyes when the wine hits and he realizes how good it is.
Today it’s Venice, a city I know and love. I look forward to carrying my wine bag through it’s calle and vicoli, looking for the next happy customer…
So I keep on ramblin’…

Ramble On