Rockin’ the Bastianich Tasting Room

One of the most exciting things to happen here at the winery in Cividale has been the construction and opening of the Tasting Room… Something I had been wishing for since 2008…Image

This is the entrance to our tasting room here in Cividale. If you had seen this before you would have been confronted with two big wooden doors that lead directly into the cellar. Now we have plenty of space and glass and LIGHT. Β It’s a great place to invite people in, pull out a couple of glasses and start showing off some wine.

ImageYou can see all the toys we have inside… Big TV for showing videos and photos, plenty of space for things like books and other items like oil and honey and the pride of the Tasting Room, our swanky ENOMATIC wine preservation systems pimped-out with Argon instead of the usual Nitrogen.

If you’ve read Restaurant Man, you know that eliminating waste is Job 1. Wasted wine is a problem when you open a bottle on Friday and you have to throw it out on Monday. The ENOMATIC eliminates that problem and keeps even the more delicate whites fresh for days. It also really helps with portion control as tastes are metered out exactly.

Plus, they look totally cool.

The tasting room is also the beginning and end of any winery tours that are scheduled here (and we do plenty!)andΒ a center for people to come and buy wine. It has also become an impromptu conference room due to its size and the large banco in the center. Great for looking at plans for the new restaurant or tasting together with winemakers and customers alike.

So this is my invitation to you all to come and see us at the winery and to taste (and maybe even buy?) something at the tasting room. We are open Monday thru Friday (with Saturday hours coming in April!) from 9-12 and then from 2:30 to 6pm.

We’d love to see you!


2 thoughts on “Rockin’ the Bastianich Tasting Room

  1. Joleen Schultz

    Our visit there last October stands out as one of the absolute highlights of our 3 weeks in northern Italy! Thanks again, Wayne, for the hospitality. It couldn’t have been a better birthday.


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