European Wine Bloggers Conference 2010

Today was the first day of the EWBC in Vienna. Plenty of great Austrian wines to taste (Roter Haus Gemischter Satz!) but also tons of compelling and interesting things about marketing and social media.
The whole gist seems to be this idea of honest, individual content. Originality, and finding your own voice. Thinking about the blogs I like to read, I have to agree.
Seems a company called Media140 is running most of the nuts and bolts seminar content. Seminars are quick and not taxing for the ADD-affected (like me). Quick, digestible chunks of dense information…
I’m excited to see what I can bring back to Friuli for The Buzz.
In the photo, Willi Klinger leads a technical tasting where the AUDIENCE decided which wine would be chosen to be imported to the UK by Naked Wines. Great tasting!

European Wine Bloggers Conference 2010


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