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Vendemmia 2011 has begun!

First grapes for the 2011 vintage are coming in as we speak! It’s shaping up to be a great vintage… The heatwave broke this weekend and the weather is sunny and dry… Great for good grapes!

Here are some pictures from Harvest 2011, Day One:


Ethan Bastianich, last week’s guest photog also lent a hand today with grape picking…

Along with big brother Miles!…


Sauvignon going on the big trailor… Vendemmia11k

Check out that bad-ass Bastianich T-shirt on Cristian!

Stay tuned for more pics as they come in!


“Di Venere o Marte, ne si torna, ne si parte.”

Roughly translated, this means “Never start anything on Friday or Tuesday” (venerdΓ¬=Venere, martedΓ¬=Marte)

Therefore, in order to appease the frightening gods of Italian superstition, we can’t start the harvest tomorrow. Friday.

It would mean disaster.

Easy enough to solve though… We start the harvest today. We don’t need to actually start making wine today, we can just start the harvest. Today. Right now.

SO into our hail-scarred vineyards just in front of the office to pick a few bunches…


That’s Davide saving this year’s harvest, single-handedly, by picking this year’s first grapes on THURSDAY (GiovedΓ¬) September 2, 2010.

Thanks, Davide. That was close.