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Vendemmia 2012 has begun!

After a very hot and dry Summer, the 2012 harvest has begun here at Bastianich! THe whites have been coming in beautifully clean and ripe, but the dry season has thickened the skins and reduced the yields. That means less juice from the berries (and the possibility for some very structured reds!) but really great quality.

Low quantity, high quality… guess you cant have everything!

Another big addition to the process this year is our brand-new SORTING TABLE!


This is some fantastic Chardonnay coming in and going down the sorting table. All the imperfect bunches are removed, and cleaned (if possible) or eliminated. Ther are usually at least 2 people at the table making sure the grape are perfect and ONLY grapes go into the press (leaves and other “MOG” – material other than grapes – are removed).

The quality here is really good, but we are always pushing to see if we can ger even BETTER…