guest post by Julia Segal

Hello! My name is Julia, and I will be your guest blogger today. I am interning at the Batali & Bastianich Hospitality Group offices in New York, and am delighted to also contribute to the Bastianich Wines blog! I am certainly an Italian wine enthusiast, and recently returned from living and studying Food & Beverage Management in Milan, Italy. Hope you enjoy!

Our Bastianich Friulano is an extremely versatile wine and as a result pairs well with a wide variety of flavours.  Its unique characteristics come from the Friulano (tocai) grape, a variety that has been grown in Friuli for hundreds of years, as well as  the terroir of sandstone soil, high altitudes and proximity to the Adriatic Sea. It is described as a light, round and slightly acidic wine with a mineral finish (thanks to the soil type!)

Now that you’re dying to buy a bottle of this liquid gold (for about $15-$19 in America), I thought we should do some pairing too. I’ll propose three diverse pairing options for this wine to illustrate the versatility of its pairing abilities.


A typical pairing with Friulano is prosciutto or salumi, because the acidity cuts through the fattiness, and the flavours balance each other beautifully. You can make a meal of it by cooking one of Lidia’s traditional pastas with Prosciutto. Her “Ham & Straw” recipe is made with fettuccine, prosciutto, spring peas, parmigiano reggiano and a light cream sauce.

Here’s the recipe:


Or, step out of the ordinary and pair it with something a little more exotic! Friulano pairs incredibly well with chilis, peppers and other lightly spicy flavours. Try a thai-style shrimp stirfry with chilis and peppers. Friulano balances nicely with shellfish, and the round acidity will give a great contrasting bite to spicy peppers. Try a recipe like this one:


Sometimes pairing wine with a few little snacks that go really perfectly together is the best. There are definitely a few snacks that that will kick this wine up a notch. Try pairing it with unsalted almonds, some fresh goat cheese, and slices of pear.

(photo source)

Let us know how you like to enjoy your Friulano!



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