Vespa Bianco gets a mandate from The People’s Voice and Reverse Wine Snob!

6a00e553ed63f08834017d3e3839fa970cJust a few days ago announced the winners in their “Peoples Voice Awards” and Vespa Bianco WON in the Super-Premium Italian white wine category. Very exciting! The memebers of Snooth (and there are many) chose us over the likes of Jermann, Villa Russiz, Paolo Bea and Cantina Terlaner.

This news was SO exciting that it even got picked up but the Italian Newsletter “Prima di WineNews” where the wine was featured prominently. (The link downloads a small pdf of the newsletter.)

Finally, rounding out a very nice week for Vespa Bianco, blogger Jon Thorsen of the popular Reverse Wine Snob blog named Vespa Bianco in his “Saturday Splurge” where once a week he recommends a wine thats OVER $20 retail. What’s even cooler? Saturday was my BIRTHDAY! What a cool present!

I like to think of these accolades from Snooth and Jon Thorsen as a mandate from the people. A message to strive and move forward, pushing the limits of quality and progress. Can we make a better Vespa Bianco? Yes, we can! And we will do so every year until Joe Bastianich’s goal of Vespa Bianco becoming Itay’s BEST white wine is realized. For now, the people have spoken, and they have chosen Vespa Bianco!

Thanks to all who helped and voted at Snooth and to Jon Thorsen for the kind words!


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