Great Post on Bastianich wines from Andrew Barrow@Spittoon!

Please take a look at Andrew’s great post about his visit to the Bastianich Vineyards and Winery with the EWBC post-conference tour!

Bastianich, Friulano

Thanks to Andrew for your detailed and favorable piece!


2 thoughts on “Great Post on Bastianich wines from Andrew Barrow@Spittoon!

  1. Renee Vimmerstedt

    Congratulations on such an outstanding review. It was quite deserved. I agree that you may have indeed produced the finest white wine. I absolutely love the Vespa Bianco. It took a little work to find it here in Columbus ( much love to Kevin at 55DegreesOhio). Now my home is never without a bottle…or case as the case may be. I plan to put a bottle in all of my holiday gift baskets to friends this year.
    Absolutely brilliant! Again, Congratulations.

  2. Wayne Young

    Thanks Renee for your comment and for your love of Vespa Bianco! We work hard here every year to make Vespa Bianco better and better… And it’s always a pleasure to hear that you appreciate it! Vespa is Lidia Bastianich’s favorite from Friuli because it pairs with so many dishes… she loves how it can go from Antipasto to Main course with aplomb, enhancing each dish.
    I hope you continue to enjoy the blog and the wines, and if you even have trouble finding Bastianich wines in Ohio, please let us know!


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