European Wine Bloggers Conference (and WiseQueen) @ Bastianich!

Last week I had the pleasure of attending my second European Wine Bloggers Conference (ewbc) in Brescia. Two days of great talks and seminars, tastings and dinners with wines from Franciacorta to Chile, and LOTS of camaraderie between bloggers from 34 different nations!

As usual, there was a serie of post-trips, and one of them came to Friuli for 3 days to experience what makes this place so special for producing world-class wines. Day 3 of that tour brought the group to the Bastianich vineyards in Buttrio/Premariacco and then for a quick tasting of 4 wines (’09 Adriatico Friulano, ’09 Vespa Bianco, ’07 Plus and ’07 Calabrone) at the winery…


I truly appreciated the time and attention everyone paid to me while I told a little bit of our story here…


I’d like to personally thank all the great people I met and hung out with at the conference and those nice enough to come and visit us at Bastianich. I wish I had the time and the energy to list your names here, but you are all on the EWBC list on Facebook, and if I remember you, I have “friended” you there…

Also, on Sunday, I drove, hungover and somewhat tired, from Brescia with my dear friend and blogger Sabina Maffei (If you read Italian, please read Sabina’s brilliant blog HERE) and another well-known blogger, Donna Jackson aka “WiseQueen”. Donna was slated to come on the Friuli trip, but realized she had schedule conflicts at the last minute. She asked if we could do Sunday, and even though I was NOT in TipTop shape, I managed to get her here and give her a taste of Friuli, first at Buttrio’s Trattoria Al Parco (where we were treated to a full tasting of Meroi wines), and then on to the cantina in Cividale…

(Wisequeen and I tasting Vespa Bianco and Plus at the Foresteria)

At Valentino Butussi, I was really starting to fade fast. My Red Bull had worn off and all I could think about was sleeping. But we tasted a couple wines instead…


Filippo (whose blog you can read HERE) took Donna out to dinner as I retreated home…


9 thoughts on “European Wine Bloggers Conference (and WiseQueen) @ Bastianich!

  1. Lizzy

    We had a great time in your winry, Wayne! Personally, I was happy to meet you again after the firsta time in Vienna. Very appreciated Vespa bianco, and in generally all the wines we tasted.

  2. Donna Jackson

    hi Wayne. my 24 hours were indeed action packed and I look forward to another trip to Friuli. I know I just scratched the surface. Here is the story on your and Filippos wineorld. and videos. X Donna <a href=””></a&gt;
    Utube Bastianich vineyards with Wayne Young
    <a href=””></a&gt;


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