Guest Photographer: Ethan Bastianich!

I saw Joe Bastianich’s youngest son Ethan walking around the winery with his camera today so I asked him to donate a few snaps to The Buzz blog… So here is Ethan at the Palio di San Donato medieval festival in Cividale yesterday: Ethan1
And a picture of some of the festivities… Ethan2PalioSDonato

And here are the shots he took today at the winery:


Botti and vasche… Ethan5Botti


Vineyards almost ready to pick.. (and MAN is it HOT)… Ethan3Vineyard

And last but not least, the obligatory “Tractor Shot”… Ethan4JDeere

John Deere forever!… Thanks Ethan for the help on the blog! What do you think folks? Should I give him a full-time job?


One thought on “Guest Photographer: Ethan Bastianich!

  1. Matt

    Hi Ethan
    Great photos, well done. Charlie steals my phone and takes photos all the time, very blurry though! Say hi to everyone and best from all of us downunder.


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