OMG, Alto Adige…

Yesterday I had the great pleasure to work the market in Alto Adige. Working outside with agents is always fun for me… Talking to the people, tasting vino, telling the story… It’s all very enjoyable.

I’ve been lucky enough to do this all over Italy, but yesterday I had the pleasure of doing this in Alto Adige…

Alta Badia, to be more specific. Spectacular Dolomites everywhere… Big, snowy mountains just DO something to me… Breathtaking!

My guide was Andreas, a native of San Candido. And when I mean NATIVE, I mean his family has been living in the same house in the same town for 23 (TWENTY-THREE!?!) generations… not years.. GENERATIONS. I can understand why…

He also tells me his family has been dealing wine for about 200 years. He also tells me Alto Adige has a disproportionate number of Michelin-star Restaurants (As many as Milano, with one-quarter the people), so the people there love great wine and food.

We visited Tabarel, where Max Loved the wines, as did Carlo at La Majun, Lunch at La Siriola, all in or near San Cassiano… visits at La Perla in Corvarra, Fanes and Sporthotel Panorama, St Hubertus at the Stella Alpina… All the time surrounded by the awesome majesty of the Dolomites…

Yep, definitely one of those days when I really REALLY like my job… Too bad I can’t ski if my life depended on it…


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