The Blogger Invasion

This is really exciting…

In exactly one month’s time, we will be hosting a contingent of 5 American wine bloggers here in Colli Orientali del Friuli. This is similar to a wildly successful blogging event that took place last year in Piedmont called Barbera 2010. There was a huge amount of buzz and attention around the tastings and bloggers, and best of all, since that was the first edition, we have been able to learn from the experience and make this year’s event even better…

This year’s event, called COF 2011 will start on February 7, and last 5 days. Tastings etc. all arranged by the Consorzio of Colli Orientali del Friul and Ramandolo. You’ll be able to follow all the posts of all the bloggers (including myself) at the COF 2011 website.

There is an impressive group of bloggers coming, all of which, except for one who I just discovered, I have followed closely and look forward to meeting and hearing their opinions on COF:

Jeremy Parzen of DoBianchi

Samantha Dugan of Samantha Sans Dosage

Alfonso Cevola of On the Wine Trail in Italy

David McDuff of McDuff’s Food and Wine Trail

and last but not least, Nicolas Contenta of ‘na cica de vino.

(Oh, and there’s some other guy blogging at something called Old White Wine…)

We will be hosting a couple of the bloggers at our Foresteria (thanks Ric for the WiFi magic you have worked up there!), and I plan on being there every step of the way as we explore and taste through Some of the best Friuli and Italy has to offer.

Stay tuned!


5 thoughts on “The Blogger Invasion

  1. Jeremy Parzen

    Wayne, giving credit where credit is due: thanks for making this happen… I love the COF and I’m entirely psyched that we’re going to be able share the magic of the places through social media… thanks man… you rock… It’s another great thing that blogging has brought into my life: it put you and me back in touch! see you soon!


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