Buzzing, for real…

Yes, Things are really, honestly BUZZING around the winery these days. The University of Udine has gratefully installed a dozen beehives on our vineyards. We really thought it would be a good idea to put bees here for a couple reasons, even though bees don’t pollinate grape flavors. Biodiversity is important to any ecosystem. Introducing bees helps that. Colony Collapse has been a serious problem for honeybees in recent years, so we hope that the proliferation of bees will help the busy little buggers survive and adapt to whatever is causing this problem (I have heard causes ranging from Genetically modified plants to Cellphone radiation to inbreeding amongst queens). And finally, who doesn’t like fresh honey on their toast?

Lots of busy little buzzers bringin’ home the honey…

BTW… about 5 seconds after I took this last photo (with a zoom, I wasn’t THAT close), one of the ladies got the idea I was there to steal the honey…

…and stung me right smack dab in the center of my forehead… I figured that was my invitation to go…


2 thoughts on “Buzzing, for real…

  1. Gerry Mack

    Dear Joe,
    I was a beekeeper in Florida many years ago and was happy to see this news about your apiaries in your vineyards. There is a very good wine store (Premier Group) here in Tonawanda, NY where I live and I recently took a wine class there. I will be looking for the Bastianich and La Mozza wines since I love your mother’s use of wine to complement her dishes on her TV show and I imagine your tastes in wines are as good as the food you prepare.
    Bon Giorno!

  2. Wayne Young

    Thanks for your comments! Unfortunately I’m not Joe, but I’ll pass the message on to him.
    Keep on asking for Bastianich and La Mozza wines in your local shops! You can always ask our NY distributor (Angel’s Share Wines) where you can find our wines.


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