Ciao dalla Grande Mela!

The Bastianich / La Mozza team is on the move! I’ve been moved over to the Big Apple for the month of May. Away from the incessant hustle and bustle of Gagliano, and all the noise of growing vineyards, the traffic behind the tractors… to the peaceful, serene and bucolic streets of Manhattan…


We’ve been mobilized for a purpose… all hands on deck!… to begin our big push with a new distributor in New York.

ANGELS SHARE WINES is now our official distributor for the state of NY. They are a small, highly-focused distributor that we feel are the right fit for us. We had our first official meeting and tasting today at Del Posto restaurant, and the wines showed beautifully. We got lots of enthusiasm from the sales staff, and we will be working together all month long to give our agents the support and information they need to spread the word and sell successfully.

Cin Cin! To new beginnings!


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