It’s that time again! VINITALY!

Wow. Time does fly and now I’m flying (OK, driving) off to Verona for my 12th Vinitaly!

We’ll be workin the stand, as usual. We have a new home at Pad 7, Stand E9, not far from previous years, sharing a Stand with Brandini, La Mozza and a couple others. If you see the big BORGOGNO stand, you’re in the right place…

We are launching a new and exciting line of wines called “Adriatico”, so come by for the scoop on THAT.

We’ll also be working the “Bastianich Pop-Up Restaurant” which is by INVITATION ONLY, but if you can get in touch with me somehow, ya never know.. maybe I can find a spot for you!

Anyway, keep an eye on the blog and FB page for updates, pictures from the “fiera” and the dinners. Hopefully we’ll get another visit from the VESPA this year!

Ci vediamo a VERONA!


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