An opportunity to meet Joe and Lidia Bastianich…

If you want a real idea of the philosophy behind our wines, what better way than to meet the people who created and live that philosophy?

You can have that possibility if you’re around New York City this Thursday, November 19th, because Joe and Lidia Bastianich will be at Morrell Wine Shop (Rockefeller Plaza and 49th Street) from 6 – 8 pm. They’ll be pouring wine and Lidia will be selling signed copies of her new cookbook.

This is an awesome opportunity to not only meet Joe and Lidia, but also to taste Bastianich wines and actually speak to the people who make these wines what they are and ask them about it. They can give you tons more insight into the wines than I can.

They also just happen to be really awesome people who I personally look up to and admire.

Go here for more info:

Lidia and Joe at Morrell



2 thoughts on “An opportunity to meet Joe and Lidia Bastianich…

  1. gianpaolo

    I’m not going to be there, but I can confirm what you said, at least about Joe, who I met two or three times. I was very impressed and I think he’s doing exceptionally well in many fields.

  2. Wayne Young

    Hey there thanks for your comment! I try always to post events with Lidia and Joe on the blog, but the best place for information about Lidia is:
    Sign on there and sign up for her newsletter which will keep you up-to-date witj all Lidias evnts EVERYWHERE!


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