Sun sets on Vintage 2009


The sunsets have become early and golden, like every Fall in Friuli. And the last grapes have come in. Friday October 9th marked the official last day of harvest. It was a long season this year that saw a little of everything, heat, cool, dry, rain… but the drawn-out harvest made for a low-stress vintage with humane rhythm and timing. The generally accepted judgment for ’09 is EXCELLENT.

I’m going to close with just a few images for now. It’s been so long since the last blog, but that doesn’t mean my camera’s been idle…

Christian feeding the destemmer…


Chris and Davide makin’ it happen…


I thought this one kinda looked like the moon…(?)

…but it’s just crushed grapes going in here:



One thought on “Sun sets on Vintage 2009

  1. Paul

    Great photos Wayne. That one photo does look like the moon! I’m so honored that I could become a very small part of the 2009 harvest


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