Welcome to the first grapes of 2009…


This is some lovely Sauvignon Blanc, freshly picked at about 8:15am Manzano-time. These are grapes from the famous “Petr” rental property we have. If you think this looks good, wait ’til we go and get his Friulano…

The vineyards were sun-drenched and cool, with a hint of a breeze. Very nice picking conditions…


The fruit is really healthy and ripe, with nice acidity. I don’t have any numbers yet for the geeks, but I’ll post them when I get them.


The picking team this year is a nice mix of folks from last year and some new, young faces…


I said this last year (and it’s worth repeating) that picking isn’t just picking… Pickers need to know how to look at a bunch and get rid of anything that isn’t close to perfect. Here’s Greta picking…


…And here’s Greta cleaning off the imperfect grapes…


That’s the kind of vendemmiatricce you want. Someone who cares enough to do the job right.

The vendemmia has begun!


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