It’s HOT.

HOT Thursday and Friday have been the hottest days of the Summer here in Friuli. 95 degrees F, and as you can see, a glaring, blaring sun.

Good for the grapes. Things are ripening well. Rain at the beginning of the year and in July have prevented any water-stress, so the grapes aren’t shriveling in the heat. Often in weather like this, you see patches of vineyard going yellow from lack of water. Not this year.

(Another side effect of the early rain has been a reduction of malic acid, which means pH is right on and sugars aren’t too high…)

It looks like a GREAT year for Friulano, with everyone raving about the taste of the grapes on the vine. I’m looking forward to that.

The winery is Buzzing with activity…


Here you have Gianna, Davide and the 2 Bastianich boys, Ethan and Miles getting the barricaia Spic n Span. This is just a snapshot of all the cleaning and organizing and pre-harvest maintenance on equipment that’s happening right now. Because…


I’ll be there for the first grapes bright and EARLY on Monday and a little update on reds as well…



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