LA MOZZA welcomes Gabriele Gadenz

I know that the vast majority of what I post here concerns Bastianich and Friuli, but  it’s important to remind you that we do have another winery near Grossetto, La Mozza, in the Maremma area of Tuscany. Since I live and work at the winery in Friuli (with an occasional trip to La Mozza), I tend to focus on things here.

La Mozza was founded by Joe and Lidia Bastianich along with Mario Batali, in 2000. We have about 80 acres of vines and produce only 2 wines: A Morellino di Scansano and our Super-Mediterranean blend called Aragone. Super-Med is our term for Aragone because it incorporates great grape varieties from around the Mediterranean sea. Along with Sangiovese we blend Syrah, Alicante and Carignan. Each uniquely adapted to hot, dry weather and giving a wine that’s never too dull or heavy.

Today,  I’d like to take a moment to introduce you to someone who has just signed on with us at La Mozza. His name is Gabriele Gadenz, and he has officially taken over the management of winemaking and vineyards for La Mozza…
Immagine 019
Gabriele, who graduated from the University of Pisa, is just 32, but he has worked in such far-flung places as Romania and Argentina. His various experiences have brought him in contact with grapes as different as Rkatzitelli to Carminere.
While he was working at Col D’Orcia in Brunello, he started working with our own Maurizio Castelli, and through Maurizio he came to work for us at La Mozza.
Gabriele has a great palate, and is so well-organized it makes a casinista like me jealous. He has a real passion to make the best wines possible for La Mozza, and he has integrated seamlessly into the team. Welcome aboard, Gabriele!
Immagine 012


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