Who needs RSS?

I have a little post today that is about blogging rather than wine.

On the top-left of this page you can now sign up to get automatic updates from THE BUZZ in your EMAIL! That’s right, no more fuss with blog readers and RSS and all that crazy technological stuff. Just put your email in the box and ECCOLA! Done.
I try to post once a week, but it works out to more like twice a month, so I wont be THAT big of a nuisance in your InBox. I promise. I also promise that your email will be used ONLY FOR THE BLOG. I will NOT compile a mailing list for commercial purposes. So rest easy.
My point here is to get as many people reading the blog as possible on a regular basis.
I hope this helps.
BTW… My thanks go out to Jon Danby who has a REALLY COOL BLOG called Facebook for Wineries, which I found through one of my favorite sites, The Winery Website Report. I recommend following both of these closely if blogging and “Social Media” (blogging, Facebook, Twitter, etc etc…) is something you’re into, or thinking about getting into, which you should.
Proper post is on the way…

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