Ever wondered what a grape flower looks like? I was all excited to show you… taking plenty of pictures… but a long weekend and a couple busy days and you realize all your flowers are already changing to grapes!

After flowering, they say it’s 90 days until the harvest (more or less). So the countdown has truly begun. Flowering is also a delicate moment… Pollination of the flowers means grapes. Incomplete pollination means bunches with grapes and little green pellets called “shot berries”, which are good for nothing but reducing your yield.

I’ll get a few pictures of the Picolit soon. Picolit is famous for uneven pollination and tiny bunches. Meanwhile take a look at what I managed to snap before the evening sun disappeared behind storm clouds…

GrFlrs3 This is a proto-bunch of (Tocai) Friulano. Obviously the little green pellets are proto-grapes. The spindly white things are the flowers.
GrFlrs2 I found this little bunch among the leaves. It’s size and position makes me think it will not pass green harvesting.
GFlrs1 This is another strange, little, contorted bunch. Serious candidate for green harvest, but a nice illustration of the flowers.


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