Spring EXPLODED here while we were away at VinItaly. It was almost like coming home to another planet. One of the things I’ve noticed this year is that there are Dandelions EVERYWHERE and LOTS of them.. I don’t remember seeing many Crocus or Daffodil or even Tulips, but those yellow weeds are running riot…
DandiCrop Anyway, the beautiful weather and abundant sunshine has awoken the vines, and in the late evening yesterday I managed to get some nice pics of buds breaking…
Budbreak1 This bud on a Chardonnay vine is just getting going.

Here’s a little more advanced growth on another vine…

And here is even more growth…
Budbreak10  That tiny grape leaf is a little larger than my thumbnail now… and to think that all that growth (usually TOO much) and all those grapes are going to come from that little tiny bud…

The season has begun which will end in harvest…


One thought on “Budbreak!

  1. Jeremy Parzen

    hey Wayne, I tried to comment on this post the other day but something was haywire. I love your photography and am looking forward to following the growing cycle on your blog. It’s such an incredibly useful tool for those of us stuck on this side of the Atlantic… Kudos for the mention and attention your blog has been getting. And sorry we didn’t connect at the fair: you know how it is… at least we’re still in virtual touch! rock and blog on dude…


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