A little miracle at the Bastianich/La Mozza stand…

Before I get started with a light-hearted post, I want to give my personal sympathies to the victims and families of the L’Aquila earthquake. My heart goes out to those who are suffering, and although I didn’t feel the tremors, I feel the pain of those affected by the disaster.


It happened Saturday afternoon. The fair was winding down, and there were a group of folks tasting at our stand. It was warm outside, but nothing spectacular. Someone stepped back from the stand, pointed and laughed. “Take a picture! Take a picture!” someone yelled… “Vespa on the Vespa!”

I was confused. Then I saw it…

Vespa1 It was a real vespa on the Vespa Bianco… I grabbed my iPhone and snapped this picture.

A moment later as I was getting out my real camera, she flew from the bottle. I yelled at the wasp, “Go back! Go back!” and she circled around and landed on the Vespa ROSSO…
VRos I took about a million pictures. My camera ran out of storage space. I started erasing pictures of Luzern. The Vespa never flew away… even when I held the bottle in my hand. Then I transferred her to the Vespa Bianco again for another photo op…

She probably posed for another thousand pics… and then she flew away… A little VinItaly miracle.


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