VinItaly – Day 1 – Pad. 7, C 10

It’s the annual battle. You look forward to it with excitement and dread. It’s 5 days and 5 nights of pouring wine, aching feet and lots of fun.

Plus you get to hang out in one of the most beautiful cities in Italy:

VinItaly in Verona.

Those who know it, know it well. The single largest gathering of Italian wine producers in the world. A place where many hope to build relationships, create new ones and maintain friendships.

There are people in the wine business from New York to California (David Russel, please come on down!) that I see ONLY once a year at VinItaly. It’s hard work. It’s a lot of pouring and talking (i usually lose my voice by Sunday), a lot of keeping track of bottles and their temperatures, lots of questions about markets, attitudes and trends.

For the first time I’m blogging from VinItaly, and today I’ll just give you a quick peek at how things have started. Hopefully there will be some exciting things to blog about as the fair goes on… But first: Here’s our humble stand…
Ready We feel particularly well-equipped this year because we have:
a) A real Ice bucket
b) An LCD monitor to show pictures and Lidia Bastianich’s videos. (Many videos were shot at the vineyards.)
Set Another view, with (L to R) Caroline, Emilio, Alessandro, JB and the back of the head of Valter.

These pic were taken early on, but the day was busy and there were more people than we expected. Everyone feared the worst with economic hard times, but we didn’t notice a difference…

VinItaly is still the most important moment for us tp be able to meet with many of our importers and distributors world wide…Bommariti Here is Caroline and Dennis meeting with Anthony Bommarito Sr. and Jr., our distributors in Illinois. They got to taste new vintages ready for release and to talk about how things are going and some goals for the future. That’s the importance of VinItaly…

Along with…
Mocagatta That’s JB having a taste with Stefano Moccagatta, who is one of the most entertaining personalities in the world of Italian wine, and co-owner of the great Gavi producer, Villa Sparina.

OK, more tomorrow! Time to find a little dinner somewhere… A domani…


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