The View from behind the table…

Just because I want you all to know that Caroline isn’t the only one out there pouring vino and mixin’ it up with the people, here are a few shots from our very successful trade tasting with our Italian distributor (HERES) at the Hotel WallArt in Prato, near Firenze.
This is the middle of the day on Sunday. It was a nice day, and despite the weather, plenty of folks showed up.
Looking down the table at my neighbors to the left.

These events are a chance for producers to chat and taste as well, when there’s a free moment. Here is my neighbor to the right, Carlo Schiopetto, talking with Emilio Foradori. Two of the most important people from two of the most important wineries in Italy.
Rush-hour, Monday. This is the champagne “island” that was very popular. Obviously, I made my way over there a number of times to check out some of the great bubbly that HERES is selling now.

All-in-all I thought the event went really well and I got lots of great feedback on our wines. The Vespa Bianco and Tocai PLUS 2006 were huge hits along with our new 2008 Sauvignon “B”. Both La Mozza wines got great reactions from everyone and the new-entry Tritono Malbec got a lot of attention for being unique and delicious.

Good times!


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