South Beach Food and Wine Festival

So as much as we all love reading Wayne’s Blog about the technical side of the wines..I thought you all might like to hear a bit about what goes on here in the US. I (Caroline Salz) have been doing National Sales for the Bastianich, La Mozza, and Tritono wines for two years now- Here is a little insight on my most recent trip:


I had always heard how fun the South Beach food and wine festival was- but I just got back and it exceeded my expectations. EVERYONE from the food and wine business was there, and that mixture of characters created a vibrant energy. I was surprised how many people showed up considering the state of the economy- everyone was in good spirits and ready for a good time. Our booth was especially packed-thanks to the Miami Herald article suggesting our La Mozza Aragone as one of the top wines to check out. We poured at several of the nighttime parties which created even more enthusiasm for the wines. I can’t wait for next year!

Caroline pix 995




One thought on “South Beach Food and Wine Festival

  1. Aliya Gimondi

    That is so great to hear – the South Beach food and wine festival sounds fantastic! I’ve definitely heard only the best.


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