Pinot Grigio! (?)

Bravo to the 2 or 3 of you who guessed (and guessed rightly!) at the grape variety…
I was indeed a Pinot Grigio (I gave too much away when I said “Everyone drinks the stuff!”)

This was a little experiment we did with 2 rows of Pinot Grigio planted in Buttrio on a NE-facing slope. The grapes here seemed to mature so slowly and evenly and cleanly that we tried vinifying them like a red… a Pinot Nero, in fact, which is a cousin to Grigio anyway (Bianco=White, Nero=Black, Grigio=Gray). Two weeks on the skins, more than a year in new barrique…
The result is very “noirish”…
Dried cherry and a hint of earthiness on the nose, Dried cherry is echoed on the palate along with cedar and spice. Some silky tannins give it red-wine structure and ability to mate with fairly hearty dishes. Long, unfolding finish. I have limited Burgundy experience, but it reminds me (and Emilio)= of a villages Burgundy… I had no idea PG could get this complex.

We made so little of it though… You’ll have to visit a Bastianich restaurant to find the stuff…

PS – I tried to make the label look like a lab-sample… What do you think?


3 thoughts on “Pinot Grigio! (?)

  1. William D Chafatelli

    Today, May 17th, Lidia mentioned a specific wine I think it was Marina, that grows on a mountain. My father migrated from Bari Italy and he used to make his own G Red wine that we al liked. Would you be able to inform me of the wine that Lidia referred to and let me know who bottles it and under what label in the USA. I’m 82 now and have a glass of red wine every day at lunch and would like to try this onw. Thanks. Bill


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