Mystery wine…

Mystery wine…

Here’s a little mystery for you to solve. I have a glass of wine that you’ll NEVER guess the grape (Hint: Single variety!) I took a lot of pictures and I think this one captures the color perfectly.
It’s slightly earthy on the nose (gunpowder?), which opens beautifully into dry orange peel and sweet dried cherry. There’s a hint of briar and spice, with vanilla (barrique?) poking through as well. There’s an earthiness on the palate as well, along with the bitter orange and just a little sweet strawberry compote. Finishes long and warm with some nice mineral (graphite and copper) that gives some liveliness to the sexy and broad (sexy broad!) mouthfeel.

Obviously a complex and intriguing vino… but… EVERYONE drinks this stuff!

Leave your guesses in the comments! Answer in a few days…

Oh, yeah, Joe… Don’t ruin it for everybody!


4 thoughts on “Mystery wine…

  1. Jeremy Parzen

    I was going to say Pinot Grigio but usually the color when macerated on the skins is more like a poulsard, no?
    is this a dried grape wine? it looks like a vin santo to me…
    only because of the provenance, I’m thinking, is it a picolit passito or something?


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