Hello 2009! (A blog about blogs and more!)

Welcome back! I’m sure all 7 of you faithful followers of “The Buzz” are elated to see a new entry in your feed-reader, or inbox. Winter is a quiet time in the winery, and if I waited for something interesting to blog about in the cantina, I’d be setting up a web cam to watch Rosato clarify… (Maybe that’s not a bad idea…)

Instead of that, I wanted to take a moment to talk about the reciprocal beauty of blogging. Blogging, as I have learned, is just as much about writing on OTHER people’s blogs as it is writing your blog as it is writing on OTHER people’s blogs, and so on…

Over the past few months I have become an ardent follower of a few wine blogs, and just today I have figured out how to honor them with link in MY blog, especially after they have linked me in their blog… and so on…

First I want to mention Jeremy Parzen and his Do Bianchi blog. I met Jeremy a long time ago before he went to California and Italy and god-knows where else on the road to his new home in Austin, TX (my absolute favorite Texas city). His blog is always entertaining and informative. From there you can go to Jeremy’s wine-news blog called Vino Wire, which concentrates on Italian wine, something I have a passing interest in…

Vino Wire is run by Jeremy and Franco Ziliani, who, by sheer chance, also has a blog of his own, Vino al Vino, which will only appeal to those of you who read Italian, as it’s written in… Italian.

These three blogs and two guys have become regulars in my feed-reader and email inbox. Very worth checking out. Thanks for the props, guys!

Beyond this I have to mention a couple more. First, was a site I found before I started blogging called the Winery Website Report, which really made me think about blogging and the purpose of blogging. Much of it has to do with online sales, which we don’t do (yet), BUT a lot of his entries really make you think about who is looking at your blog/site, and how to make that experience useful. I have stolen much of Mr. Duffy’s material during meetings about the blog and the Bastianich website. If you are even contemplating about thinking about a wine-related website or blog, WWR is the right place to start.

Ever taste a wine, not finished the bottle, and then tried it again the next day? I haven’t, because unfinished bottles are sacrilege in my home. But YOU may have, and I’ll bet it tasted different, didn’t it? Well there’s actually a guy out there tasting wine over the course of 2 days and bloggin about it. I find it very interesting!
The blog is called 2 Days per Bottle, and I recommend it. Highly. Lots of wines tasted from all over the world, with good, clear notes. Seeing the change in wines after 24 hours opened is extremely enlightening.

Finally, I found a really interesting article about the economy and wine, and upon exploring the blog further, I wanted to recommend The Wine Case to everyone who’ll listen.

Last, but certainly not least, the majority of the dozens of hits this blog gets, come from these two sources, that speak for themselves: Lidia Bastianich’s personal site, Lidia’s Italy, and Joe Bastianich’s personal site, Bastianich.com. Lidia has hundreds of thousands of faithful subscribers and Joe’s site has just about everything you need to know about his restaurants and wineries.

OK, that’s it for now, but watch the list on the side of this blog for additions. I’ll let you know when and why I add something, but I think you have enough homework for the moment!

Coming soon… Malvasia – all your questions will be answered!


2 thoughts on “Hello 2009! (A blog about blogs and more!)

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