The Queen

There is a single grape variety that is the world’s reference point for Friuli Venezia Giulia in the world. It’s a strange little grape whose fame is a result of it’s misfortune: Picolit.
Picolit Picolt‘s misfortune is that it doesn’t flower and pollinate well. All those little brown triangles among the grape berries in the photo aren’t grapes that have been eaten or affected by some disease. They were flowers that simply never became grapes. The berries are loose (in Italian: Spargolo) which gives space for air to pass through and prevent problems. The bunches are small, and therefore naturally limiting yields. Picolit is usually dried before vinification.

The result is (usually) a sweet wine with tons of richness, depth and complexity. We ferment Picolit (almost) dry to add to Vespa Bianco. It gives Vespa uncommon weight on the palate without making it heavy and syrupy. The natural acidity that makes Picolit perfect for Dessert wine also keeps it fresh and clean for Vespa.

RARELY, Picolt will pollinate well, and you’ll get a more ‘robust’ looking bunch:
CIMG0634 Picolt’s sweetness and feminine quality make her the queen of Friulian Grapes… Long live the queen!


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