Breezes, and G.o.t.D.

I had a lovely tractor ride through the vineyard yesterday. And even though I got “shanghai-ed” in to loading grape cassettes, I manged to snap this with my iPhone:
TheView That’s the cantina there in the center and the foresteria up on the right. The most important things to look at are the Mountains in the background, and the valley we are in. The pre-Alpine mountains there create the Valle di Natisone, a valley were the important Natisone river runs to the sea. Cividale is famous for being comfortable in Summer evenings even when other parts of Friuli are hot and sticky. This valley is the corridor for the cool breezes in the evening that also run down our little valley at Bastianich.
Effect: Warm days and cool nights develop and retain aromatic qualities, especially in whites, and allow slow maturation and development of complexities. That’s Good!

Grape of the Day:
Can you guess?
It’s very famous…

It’s Cabernet Sauvignon!
Typically Cabernet (in Friuli we pronounce the final “T”… We’re not french after all!) refers to Cabernet Franc, not Sauvignon, This grape is becoming more popular here, even though it never reaches the majesty of California or Bordeaux.
We use Cab Sauvignon in our red blend Vespa (and possibly in future versions of Calabrone) for its spiciness and structure that Franc doesn’t have.
Here’s a look at the leaf:
CabLeaf Look at how stony the soil is below the vine… So important for that trademark Friulian minerality.

We’ve looked at 2 different red varieties… One native and the other “imported”, or better yet “international”… Here’s a question:

How long does a grape variety need to be established in a region before it stops being called “imported”? 50 years? 100? 200? Never?

Let me know in the comments…


2 thoughts on “Breezes, and G.o.t.D.

  1. Dave

    Great photo: the one with grapes in foreground, hilly landscape w/vineyards behind. If you picked one of those cab grapes and popped it in your mouth, what would it taste like?


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