When the going gets tough…

Friday, September 12, 2008 – 4:45 pm…
Cazzo5 “Oh, cazzo…”

I’ve never seen bad weather arrive so fast. Fifteen minutes earlier it was overcast, but sunny.

There were grapes outside to be pressed, uncovered and exposed to the rain. And the rain came. And the wind. And the winery became an emergency garage to keep the Tocai dry…
Dedizione 012 Outside, the remaining trailerful of grapes was quickly covered with a tarp. I don’t have pictures of this because I put down the camera and helped hold the tarp down in the driving wind.
I got soaked.
After I dried off a little, I got the camera back out. In the meantime, the guys had erected a makeshift cover for the press area. The grapes were mostly dry. We can’t say the same for the people…
Dedizione 009 It was NOT a warm evening. It was windy and very cool, about 45-50 degrees F. The lucky ones had an extra T-shirt. The others were just cold.

Once the grapes got into the press, only half the work was done. There was at least another press to fill, and then, as always, everything needed to be cleaned.

I didn’t stay until the bitter end, but they told me they went home at 2 a.m. Cold, wet, late and hard. That’s working in the cantina. That’s dedication.


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