Report from the vineyard…

I wanted to give a glimpse of whats going on OUTSIDE the winery, in the vineyards. I mentioned before that picking is unromantic and unentertaining. That doesn’t mean it’s not important. It requires patience and speed, and also an eye for detail, especially here where we’re trying to make the best, and not just make lots.

Snip This is some Chardonnay getting picked. Note the different gloves. Cotton for the scissor hand, to stop the blisters from snipping all day. Latex on the grape hand because the bunches are sticky. But picking is more than snipping and putting the bunch in the box…
AndcleanSee what she’s doing there? Look back at the picture on top… Did you notice that one little nasty grape in the bunch? Here she’s taking that grape out.
Selection in the vineyard is the job of the vendemmiatrice, the picker, which is why good ones are hard to find. Most pickers are interested in getting paid. They have no stake in the quality of the wine. When you find one that actually cares about what they pick, it’s like finding gold.

And hopefully the golden ones teach the new ones how it’s done…

Row finished, waiting for the trattore to pass and pick up…


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