Working Man

Last weekend was a long holiday weekend, and basically the last hurrah for the guys who work in the winery. Ferragosto as the 15th of August is called here, is often the start of vacation for thousands of Italians, but the end of the (relatively) laid-back summer for the winery.

It’s not time to pick just yet (although we’ll be picking some Chardonnay for our Brut on MONDAY!) but the winery preparations are in full swing:
CIMG0587 That’s Davide up there power-washing the ol’ Wilmes press.

Davide, from Tarcento, is 28 and has been with us since 2006. This will be his 3rd harvest here. He’s just about finished at the University of Udine, studying enology at the campus in Cormons. For HIS vacation, he avoided the hellish traffic jams headed for the Adriatic by spending his time preparing for his exams at home.

I asked him about the harvest, and he seems so calm about it:
“It’s the beginnig of another year. There’s a lot of work, but without this, we have nothing to put in the bottle next year.” No fear, no trepidation.

I used to look forward to the harvest with a combination of dread and excitement. I still refer to the harvest as la guerra, the war. It’s exhausting it’s physical, and it’s incredibly rewarding…
And it’s so cool.

I hope I’m able to get this across in the harvest blog, becasue so many people think about the harvest as fun and romantic. It isn’t. Why do you think the traditional harvest festival is celebrated at the END of harvest? Because we’re all so happy when it’s over.

Stay tuned…


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