There’s more at stake than the harvest…

The last time I blogged, it was a dark and rainy Friday. We stress over the weather, as any winery would, because we try to make the best wines we can, for ourselves, because it’s rewarding, for our importer and distributors, because it makes it easy to sell, and for our customers, because we want them to enjoy something special.

So I wrote about how we needed the sun and the warmth to continue, and I lamented the cold rainy Friday.

Friday night, a severe thunderstorm moved through Friuli. Some say the there was a “Tromba d’aria” – A tornado – in Grado, which is a lovely seaside town about 40 km (24 miles) from here.

The camping area there is popular with tourists. Unfortunately, this area was hit hard. Twenty or more trees were blown over in the camping area.

A Norwegian man and his young son were killed by a tree. His wife and daughter, sleeping in the tent next to him, were unhurt.

Remind me not to complain anymore about grapes not getting enough sun.


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