Not long ago, after days of some of the most constant torrential rain I had ever seen in my life, and after dry intervals of cool cloudy humid weather, Emilio said something like: “It’s impossible to produce grapes in conditions like these.”


Now, it’s hot. Like Africa hot. During the day… then at night the breezes come in Cividale and cool things down. Sleeping isn’t a problem. Working in a NON-air conditioned office IS.

And it’s been hot for days and days, so I asked Emilio if things have changed.

“Yes, of course,” he said. The days are hot and there’s plenty of water in the soil, so there’s no hydro-stress, which simply means the vines are getting enough water. Plus, the ground isn’t dry and hot, making evenings more temperate. There’s a breeze. It was wildly windy yesterday.

Emilio said that Botrytis is under control, tipping his hat to the dedication of the ‘trattoristi’ working overtime and on weekends, spraying. He also said that our vineyard health is “enviable” compared to our neighbors.

But the warmth and sun need to continue for this to be a great vintage…

(All Emilio’s comments are translated from Italian…)


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