The Beginning…

My name is Wayne Young, and I work for the Bastianich wineries in Italy. I live and work in Friuli Venezia Giulia, even though my responsibilities spill over into the Tuscan winery, La Mozza, as well. I’ve done a lot of things here since I first arrived 10 years ago. I made the first vintage of Bastianich wine, having never even seen a real winery before. And I made the four vintages after that as well, learning and understanding the real work it takes to make good wine in a non-industrial cellar. AND I had a lot of fun. I’ve planted new vineyards, pruned old ones and ripped out dead ones. And on the off-season, tried to communicate my passion for these wines (and Italian wines in general) to the people who would listen.

I’ve never kept a diary. Never had the discipline to do it. I’ve tried a couple of times, but never manged to get very far. I expect this will be a bit different. I don’t actually make the wine here anymore, but I still feel like an important part of what’s going on. What I want to do here is try to continue communicating my feelings about this place, this winery and these wines, to you, if you’ll take the time to listen.

I’ll even try to make it a little entertaining.

Welcome aboard!


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